Pro Cyclists Ride Steep Just Like Triathletes, UCI Be Damned

It still amazes me that some folks continue to insist that a steep seat angle is somehow bad or wrong. It is for a standard road position, but for aero position it is essential. The UCI forces pro cyclists to set their saddles at least 5cm behind the BB, or about at about 74 degrees. Yet most of these guys, who ride all day at 72-73 degrees on their road bikes, ride very steep (>78 degrees) in time trials. Thanks to the UCI this means they have up to 50% of their saddles sticking out behind them. It is as simple as this: for most people, a steep seat angle is required if they want to generate power in an aerodynamic position. If there was some reason that a slck seat angle was “better”, wouldn’t pro cyclists be the first ones to adopt it all things considered? Check out the following video: