Dede Griesbauer's New Bike and New Position

Our good friend and 2x top-10 Kona Pro Dede Griesbauer recently visited us with her brand new 2009 Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL Special Edition. We went back through the fit process (recall we had worked with Dede on her previous bike exactly 1 year ago). Her new position is much improved: the “long and low” geometry of the Airfoil allowed her to obtain a more comfortable, relaxed, and more aero position than on her previous “short and high” frame. Another advantage we think she’ll appreciate on this frame is the great shock absorption provided by the no-seat-tube design. Lis has been riding an Airfoil for years, and loves hers. The 09 version is much improved, being lighter and stiffer with a new two-position aero seatpost that can afford a very steep effective seat angle, complimenting the low front-end of the bike.