In-Person Bike Fitting

at our TTBikeFit Studio in Warren, RI

Our proprietary fit protocol has been derived from decades of competition, experimentation, and study. It began with our quest to optimize our own positions over more than 20 years of competing at all distances. We pioneered computer motion analysis for bike fit more than a decade ago. We have spent countless hours studying the best athletes in triathlon and cycling, uncovering the common features and key distinctions in their fits. We have spent many days on the race courses of premier events filming and analyzing the best. Yet we have also fit hundreds of every day athletes with uniformly superior results. All fits are conducted by master fitter Todd Kenyon. Our tools include our proprietary, patented, automated Vertex Fit Cycle, and a rotating fit platform for multi-angle analysis. The studio is equipped with a large screen TV where you can see the motion analysis work being done on Todd’s computer. Not only will you receive the best in fitting, but we expect you to learn a lot too, and come away with a much better understanding of your fit and the factors influencing it.

  • The Vertex Fit Cycle allows us to find optimal position with no constraints, and then transfer the fit coordinates to your bike.
  • The Vertex allows quick changes of all fit parameters while you ride, including saddle tilt. You can immediately feel the result of the changes while you pedal at the desired power level.
  • Rapid crank length and saddle swaps to further dial in your fit. Immediately feel the effects of different cranks lengths and saddles.
  • Cleat placement analysis combined with knee tracking analysis and varus/valgus wedging or leg length shimming if needed.
  • Rotating fit platform allows motion analysis from any view angle. 
  • Fit Cycle uses a Wahoo Kickr for power control and analysis.
  • Our proprietary software and database can provide instant recommendations on which bikes fit you best and specific configurations.
  • Opportunity to try out ISM, Cobb, BiSaddle, and many other saddles – we carry demo saddles!
  • We do all needed fit-related mechanical work, and any light installation and tune-up work needed.
  • Any needed followup adjustments/consultations are included, and satisfaction is guaranteed – if it’s not right we will work until it is.
  • $349 Aero Fit, $325 Road Fit
  • Please Email us to set up an appointment.
  • All fit sessions include initial consultation/interview, current position analysis, transfer of your current fit coordinates to the Vertex Fit Cycle, subsequent adjustments to your position on the Vertex, reconfiguration of  your bike to optimized coordinates, and cleat positioning/knee tracking analysis.

Scheduling an In-Person Fit:

If you live a reasonable distance from Providence, RI, or will be visiting the area, please email us to set up an appointment. We will work with you to arrive at a convenient time, although we typically work midday weekdays or sometimes Saturday mornings. A typical session takes at least 2 hours, and can take 3 hours. With an in-person fit, we do all the mechanical work. You will likely ride our Fit Cycle, which is great for instantly feeling the effects of small position changes, not to mention experimenting with crank length, saddle choice and saddle tilt.

For an in-person fit, you just need your bike(s), bike shoes, and cycling or tri outfit. If you are looking to install any new equipment (saddle, bars, pedals, shoes etc) bring them too. 

TTBikeFit's Location: 337 Water Street, Warren, RI 02885

Travel Times:

Providence: 15 mins

Boston: 70 mins

NYC: 3 hours

TFGreen (PVD) Airport: 30 mins

Logan (BOS) Airport: 70 mins