Online Bike Fitting 

Upload a video of yourself on the turbo trainer and we’ll help you optimize your position for comfort, power and aerodynamics:

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We pioneered online bike fitting more than a decade ago, and its success has far surpassed our initial expectations. We have performed online fits for athletes world-wide, including the following countries:


If you can’t visit us and are comfortable doing your own adjustments (with our guidance), then the online option is for you:

  • Optimize saddle height through knee angle analysis
  • Optimize power through hip angle analysis
  • Optimize comfort through torso angle analysis, saddle and front end adjustment recommendations
  • Optimize knee tracking and alignment (front angle video required)
  • Check for asymmetries (front angle and both-sides video required)
  • Obtain the most aero position possible in accordance with your experience and race goals

You’ll receive:

  • A fully narrated downloadable video analysis (or analyses) of your current position and recommendations for changes. We often use side by side and overlay comparison of your position and those of elite and professional athletes to illustrate key fit aspects
  • A followup analysis of your video after any changes are made
  • If you need additional followups or advice to get it right, it’s all included
  • Consultation (neutral and unbiased!!) on equipment choices and configuration: we can help you choose a new frame or component upgrade

$249 Aero, $225 Road


The Online Fit Process is Easy and Risk-Free:

Send us a video, fill out the questionnaire, and wait for our reply after we’ve had a chance to look at your video. If we don’t think we can improve your fit, we’ll tell you and you pay nothing. If we think we can help you, we’ll ask you to submit payment and then we’ll work on your analysis video. Any needed followup analysis is included in the price!

  1. Create and Upload your Video: Once you have created your video (see our VIDEO GUIDELINES and SAMPLE VIDEO below) – Upload the video to MediaFire (a free file hosting service – you can drag and drop your videos file(s) into the box on this page below) – Any questions? Please ask!

How to Make Your Online Fit Video

  1. Fill out and submit the ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE
  2. Sit back and relax (yeah right – go train!). No Payment needed yet! We will look at your videos as soon as we can (please note that we get quite busy at times and it can take up to several days before we can get to your video), and let you know if we think we can improve your fit. If not, we’ll tell you so (yes we have done this a few times!) and you pay nothing! If we believe that we can improve your fit, we’ll get to work on your first analysis video. When complete, we’ll notify you via email and then you can PAY VIA CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL. Once we’ve received payment, we will promptly email you the download link for the video.
  3. Watch your analysis video and make any needed changes. The analysis video will contain specific recommendations as to what to change and by how much (You can mark your old settings in case you’d like to return to any of them). We can also provide mechanical guidance if needed. At this point we may suggest riding the changed position a few times, or we may want to see a followup video immediately.
  4. Followup: You can resubmit as many videos as needed until you (and we) are happy with your fit. Have some questions later on? Just email – we stand behind our work!