New Swim Workshop Dates!

We are happy to announce that we have two new swim clinics scheduled for the weekend of March 28th. They will take place at UConn Avery Point, and we will have the whole pool facility to ourselves! Both clinics will have 3 coaches and two underwater cameras with poolside video motion analysis (I-PUMA). Class sizes will be limited to ensure that everyone gets maximum coaching time. The first clinic on March 28th (click for brochure) will be geared towards more novice swimmers, and focus on basic skills along with the underwater motion analysis. The 2nd clinic of March 29 (click for brochure) will focus on the I-PUMA poolside analysis with only a short lecture, so it is geared towards middle of the pack to advanced swimmers. In each case we will strive to simplify the aspects of a solid swim stroke and emphasize real-time underwater feedback so you can improve as quickly as possible! Everyone will get our Swim-CD loaded with tons of great stuff. For more info and testimonials from our previous clinic, see the previous posts here and here. Also have a look at our video below. For registration please visit Coach Al’s site.