Pre-Buy Bike Fitting

Arm Yourself with Knowledge BEFORE You Shop for a New Tri, Road or Gravel Bike.

Determining which tri bikes are good fits for you can be a monumental task. There is so much conflicting, biased, and outright wrong information out there. Dealers don’t necessarily have YOUR best interests in mind, and may well have no real understanding of bike fit and the nuances of different bike models. This is our everyday bread and butter at TTBikeFit. We dig this stuff. We have databases and custom-made fit calculators for nearly every tri bike on the market, and many road bikes. We have worked on and custom built most of them.

  • Visit us here at the Lab and we’ll put you on our revolutionary automated Vertex Fit Cycle.
  • We will find the perfect fit coordinates for you and then calculate which frames will accommodate your position.
  • You will be able to see and feel the effects immediately when we change fit parameters WHILE YOU ARE PEDALING UNDER LOAD!
  • A pdf fit sheet illustrating your fit coordinates and listing the best frames and sizes for you.
  • If you are looking for a “Super Bike” we can tell you exactly how to configure the front end of the bike before it is built up. This is crucial, as changing configuration on some of these bikes can take hours.
  • If you cannot visit us, we can do a pre-buy fit online – please see below for details.
  • Neutral, educated advice on frame and component selection
  • Avoid making a costly mistake – get the right frame the first time!
  • Vertex Fit Bike: $195, Online: $145 – REFUNDABLE less $50 if you get a bike through us!


If you would like us to provide advice on what tri frames are likely to fit you best, send us a video of your riding your current bike on a trainer. Some video tips and the upload app can be found HERE. If you currently have a road bike without aerobars, be sure to include a short clip with your elbows on the handlebars. Then, fill out the ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE. Also please send us the measurements off of your current bike shown on this sheet. If you have a road bike with no aerobars, use this sheet. Finally, please send your inseam and sternal notch measurements.