Swim Clinic: A Big Success!

We were all really happy with our recent swim clinic. We packed a TON of teaching, drilling, and video feedback into 5.5 hrs and could have spent another 5. The problem is, when you get Al and I together you have two guys who have spent decades studying swim technique and trying to improve themselves and others. We have both spent countless hours, days, years, trying to understand what makes a good swim stroke work, and how can we convey it those who want to learn. Then add the technology side: the I-PUMA stuff. Then add the fact that Al and I love to teach! I was going to be a professor, even did a post-doc, until I learned that in many cases being a professor has nothing to do with teaching – but that’s another story. So what you get is a huge amount of information. Lis had to keep us on schedule, and we still had to work hard to get everything in. Even so, we strived to simplify and demystify swim technique.

The students didn’t leave empty handed, even if we did make their heads spin. Their packets included a CD packed with goodies:

  • The slide presentation
  • A video of our custom drill progression with informational annotations
  • 50 swim workouts with different focuses
  • A comprehensive swim-specific strength program
  • 2 swim-specific stretching routines
  • A collection of swim articles.

They even got a laminated drill sequence sheet to bring along to the pool. Then we provided copies of their underwater video complete with full analysis and recommendations!

We got some great feedback:

“It can be hard for old dogs to learn new tricks and the optimisim and enthusiasm were priceless. Video and post session individual feedback were extremely helpful. I also notice that in the 2 days back in the pool since the workshop I feel sore in new places (pecs and back) and feel like I am learning a completely new activity. drills are great yet exhausting. It was fun, educational and inspirational.”

“It was really a pleasure learning so much in one day. You guys really did a wonderful job with everything and the passion you all showed in teaching is greatly appreciated! I must be doing something right from what I learned because my lats and trunk are KILLING me from this mornings swim!”

“I do feel that the clinic was a great value for my time and money. To get all the instruction I received the day of the clinic from such qualified people is something I might (if I had the money) pay much more for.”

“I was really happy with the desire that you all had for us to improve. Obviously, no one is going to become Michael Phelps from a one day clinic, but I felt that you all genuinely wanted us to be the best we could be.”

“I thought all the information was good. I especially liked the flexibility and strength training sections.”

“Thanks for the clinic. I certainly came away with quite a bit of information and feel like I’ll be a better swimmer. Thanks again.”

“Thanks for a really helpful and educational day. I must admit that I was a little nervous going into the workshop, but you all were really helpful with making me feel comfortable. The combination of lecture, swimming, and video was great.”

“I think the videoing was an awesome learning experience.”

“I’m glad to have something new and simple to focus on and really like the idea of spending pool time on drills as opposed to long sets.”

“I usually am a tough grader and don’t like to give all 10s because it looks like I’m not being discriminating, but you guys deserve it. Material to take away are also excellent and an important part of the workshop.”

“Let me know if you want any help in promoting other programs, because there lots of people out there who could get a lot from it.”

“Yesterday was fantastic. Truly. Not only did it reinforce what you’ve already taught me, but more importantly it showed me how to start thinking about transitioning back into the water and where the focus has to be. I am truly energized. More importantly, with the knowledge that you imparted regarding breathing technique, and the motivational aspects, and visualization. I NOW know that I can finish the olympic distance, but will eventually be able to go long. ”

Stay tuned for info on our upcoming clinics! Look for more differentiated formats too, including sessions focused mainly on I-PUMA video feedback! Any questions, please email us!