Jarrod Shoemaker's Followup Visit

Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker and his coach Tim Crowley stopped by for a followup visit before Jarrod embarks on a new season. The results since his initial fit have been great: Tim subjected him to 10 days of big mileage on the bike, and Jarrod reports that he felt much better than he usually does. To top it off, he followed the bike block with a 2.5 minute PR at the Disney 1/2 marathon!

During his first visit it was clear the Jarrod had some asymmetry issues, and we worked on cleat adjustment to improve this. We looked at those issues again this time and although improved, they are quite noticeable. We looked at his knee angle from both sides and the front and tweaked his saddle height to better balance the knee angles. We also decided on a programs of spin-scan use to determine how much he favors one leg during the latter part of a difficult workout. Assuming there is a power imbalance which I think is likely, he can hopefully address the issue with the help of the Spin-scan feedback. So in his case we believe he has a functional and not a structural imbalance. I look forward to following his progress on this and on the international race circuit: first big race is the Ishigaki ITU World Cup race on April 26.