More About the Coming Bike Fit Revolution – the TTFitBike!

I have previously written about our amazing TTFitBike – the only device of its kind in the world, as it allows continuous, independent fit parameter adjustments WHILE the rider works under load (patent applied for). For now it is still under wraps as we finish the next version (hence the pixelation in the photos) . But meanwhile the initial prototype is working hard here in the Lab.
Alex McDonald on the TTFitBike
Here is a great example of the POWER of the TTFitBike. We recently worked with a Fuel Belt Race Team member whose fit I was never really happy with. We put him on the FitBike, and while I monitored his body angles via motion analysis and he watched himself on the big screen, I also remotely changed his fit parameters. Because of the capabilities of the TTFitBike I was immediately able to see how his body reacted to independent changes in fit parameters. He was also instantly able to feel the results of the changes while pedaling under load the entire time. We quickly had a new more comfortable, more aero, and more powerful position dialed in! I then recorded the contact points and used my software to calculate which frames would be best for him, and determined if it was possible to duplicate this position on his current bike.
Fit studio
Great right? Well that’s not all. Just to be sure he was absolutely dialed in we hooked up the FitBike to the multirider system and ran him through a 2 hour Ergvideo workout in the new position. During the first half hour, as he worked between zones 2 and 4, I tweaked his position via remote control, and recorded his position parameters. I then gave the controls to the rider, and for the next 90 minutes he independently adjusted his fit paramaters around the baseline position, a few mm at a time, while he monitored his power output, perceived effort, and heart rate. Can you say DIALED IN?! We now have a set of contact point measurements that are sure to provide him an optimal position, and of course we know exactly which frames will work for him, and what stem and bars to use. We will soon offer this same service to the public, and offer the TTFitBike to select facilities nationwide!. THE FUTURE OF CYCLING PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION IS HERE AT TTBIKEFIT!!

The TTFitBike hooked into the Multirider system
The TTFitBike hooked into the Multirider system