The Future of Cycling Performance Optimization (it's here…)

  • What if you could magically change the dimensions of your bike while riding at threshold so that you could find that perfect fit?
  • What if you could change the relative fit parameters independently of one another, and incrementally, to isolate and optimize their respective effects on your performance and comfort?
  • What if you could make these changes without ever missing a pedal stroke or reducing power, so that you could immediately feel their effects?
  • What if you and your coach could see and record in real time a wealth of data as these changes are made?
  • What if you could even do this in a wind tunnel, with your coach or fitter magically changing the dimensions of your bike without entering or stopping the tunnel?

Do you think that you might have an advantage if you had a device which could do all of the above?

I have it. It exists. It’s top secret and patent-pending. It is not vaporware, and it works beautifully. I predict it will revolutionize bike fit and performance optimization, but then I’m biased since I designed the thing.

I rode said machine today for 4×9 minutes near threshold, at 270-300 watts, while smoothly, incrementally and repeatedly altering my saddle height, my effective seat angle, my drop and my reach. Independent or together. I started at my current, dialed in tri bike setup and moved through a drop range of 9 cm and 3 cm of saddle height, along with 6 degrees of seat angle range. And I never stopped working at 270-300 watts (I never even had to wield an electric screwdriver either). I quickly determined that my saddle should be incrementally lower and that I should be using even more drop.


We will soon be offering this service to our fit clients. And soon after that, interested parties will be able to get their hands on one of these devices. Let us know if you might be interested, they will initially be in very limited supply.


Again, I’m biased, and a geek, but this thing absolutely rocks.