Sneak-Peak: 2011 Kestrel Tri-TT Lineup

Here’s what the 2011 Kestrels will look like (click on images for bigger pics). Note the new Oval wheelsets (Kestrel’s owner Advanced Sports also owns Oval) and Oval front ends. I can say that the 2011 4000 looks even better in person – see small photo of a custom build I just did for a Fuel Belt Race Team member. The frames are all essentially unchanged from 2010 other than graphics. The road versions of the Talons will have the same graphics and wheels as the tri versions. With the recent addition of the 4000 to the lineup, Kestrel now has three TT frames that each fit differently and cover all the bases from the very conservative, short and high (reach stack) Talon to the very aggressive long-low Airfoil. The 4000 covers the middle territory and we have been finding that the geometry of the 4000 fits a very wide range of athletes.