Pro Bike Positions: Kienle vs Potts vs TO in Kona

The second of our position analysis videos from Kona. Here we compare and contrast various aspects of top-ten finishers Sebastian Kienle (4th after flatting on the bike), Andy Potts (top American at 7th), and Tim O’Donnell (8th). These three athletes split the run at 2:53-54, but Kienle biked ~ sub 4:30 (minus the flat) vs the 4:44 splits of the Americans. As we point out in the video, Kienle is far more aerodynamic than the other two, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Potts or TO should try to emulate Kienle’s position. Any bike fit needs to take into account the biomechanics of the individual rider and arrive at a position which gets them to the finish line fastest. Variables include aerodynamic drag, ability to generate/maintain power and hence watts/kg of drag, relative comfort/body stress, and the subsequent ability to run off the bike.