New England Multisport Expo TT – Lisbeth vs Tinley vs Smyers!

Lisbeth came out victorious, but it was very close! Karen and Lis jockeyed back and forth the whole way, and it came down to a sprint up the final climb – I was pretty sure one or both were going to toss their Powerbars! On any other day it could easily have gone the other way. Many of the spectators remarked however that Lis’ form looked so much more efficient than the other competitors – she stayed aero other than on the final climb and was very “quiet” on the bike. Certainly on the road her position would’ve given her a nice advantage. Of course, on the road Tinley and Smyers would crush her on the run! Scott was a great sport to compete in this – he was there to give a very well-received talk. Fast Splits owner Dave Nerrow helped him out with a bike off of their expo display: he picked a Kestrel Talon, found some shoes that fit, guessed at the saddle height, and set off to race the TT never having ridden a Computrainer!