Kona 2013: Pro Bike – Chris Legh's Trek Speed Concept

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Chris Legh at the Fuel Belt house on Alii Drive. Chris is returning to the big show this year after a multi-year hiatus, and he seems super relaxed for someone who has had his share of challenges when competing at the Iron-distance. For a great summary of Chris’s career, click

Trek shipped out a custom 2014 Speed Concept just a few weeks ago, but Chris tells me he really likes the bike and feels very dialed in. You can see that he is using a high hand position which he says lets him drop his head right down on his hands, which should be good for aerodynamics. There is no doubt that the new Speed Concept looks super clean. You almost get the impression that is a track bike as there are no cables to be seen anywhere. The integrated storage boxes add to the clean look. Chris chooses to ride with mechanical Dura-Ace, as he says he just doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of an electronic issue when traveling.

Chris plans to use one of the new generation of ventilated yet aero road helmets for the race: the Louis Garneau Course. LG says the Course is more aero than the Giro Attack 2, and it is clearly well ventilated. Lis and I
have been training with the Course, and she also plans to race with it. The Course has angled vents that allow air to flow through the helmet, above the rider’s head, when the head is held in a face-down position. When you ride behind someone wearing the Course you can see clear through the helmet from front to back. So this combined with the lack of a tail provide reduced frontal area and drag.

Best of luck to Chris on Saturday, and stay tuned for more updates from Kona.