Kona 2013 – Bike Fit Analysis, Pro Men, part 2

In part 2 of our annual look at the bike fits of the pros in Kona, we check out winner Frederik Van Lierde, top American Tim O’Donnell, as well as some questionable fits. One theme that remains constant is very steep effective seat angles. Everyone is sitting in the 80+ degree range. We also spot a couple sets of Osymmetric chainrings, and discuss crank length. Each of these are effectively ways to make the pedal stroke as efficient and powerful as possible while maintaining a low torso position. Then we look at some examples of apparently sub-optimal positions: low saddles, high saddles, reach issues, and upright torsos. In at least some of these cases the equipment the athlete was forced to ride may have limited their setup. Our analysis of the women’s bike fits is up next. In the mean time, grab a cold one and have a look.