IM AZ – FBRT rips it up, Lisbeth sets another course record!

The Fuel Belt race team had a great day yesterday in Tempe: Lisbeth won 40-44 in 10:10, taking 3rd amateur overall in an effort she describes as conservative and feeling the effects of Kona on the run. She biked a 5:16 while holding back and remaining absolutely draft free – more than could be said for other top AG competitors. It was the same in FL last year. A guy who had been riding near her most of the day walked up the day after the race and congratulated her for being the only person he saw NOT drafting all day. Ask draft marshal Rich Strauss about the F-bomb she dropped on him as he pulled up to say hi on the bike course – as in “go up there and get some of those @#$@*! drafters”! The bike was a lot windier than race coverage made it sound – maybe just less windy than usual. She said she went 16mph on the way out to the turnaround in the headwind and false flat.

So now she has the age group course record for IM AZ, and the overall amateur course record for IM Fl!

Our training partner Pete Russo ripped a 9:29, good for 5th in the AG and a Kona slot. Pete went in with a longest run of 15 mi after a protracted period of injuries. Vinu Malik, FB CEO, completed his 26th (I think) IM in 10:04 after a PB bike of 5:19, unfortunately that great effort was only good for 24th, so probably no Kona slot! Finally Scott Forrestall, FB brand manager, had a pb run for a 10:13 and a 14th place. Of course, all of these guys were riding TTBikeFits!

Oh yeah – no thanks to for allowing video coverage to crash at 9:58 race time until about 10:30 – so of course we missed seeing 3 of 4 finish!

Lis and Pete at the awards
Lis and Pete at the awards