Blue Triad SL Limited Edition

We have been lucky enough to get a few early examples of Blue’s new Triad SL Limited edition “super bikes”. These are no-compromise aero missiles with proprietary integrated front ends – super light, stiff and aero. Only 200 will be made in the murdered-out black-on-black limited edition garb. The first two guys we have riding these had the following comments after their first races on the Triad SL:

“Just wanted to give you guys a quick “THANK YOU” for getting me set up on the Blue. I have NEVER been more comfortable on a bike in my life. I was able to sit in the bars for 99% of the race. I have never been able to do that. Avg 24.5mph @ 260W.” – PW, QT2 Systems, 2:19 bike split at 70.3 Galveston.

“I’ve never been so comftorable and settled… The bike and the fit was perfect!!! 23.5mph @ 225 watts felt like I was flying….. Technical course and handled great…. I’ll bet a wide open course where I’m not so wimpy and this thing will be even more amazing!!!!” – DM, AG win Nautica Miami Beach

Great bike, but of course the fit helps too… Since this bike uses and integrated front end, you need to have your fit pretty dialed to select which stem length (stem is inetgrated into the bars) you need.

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