Arm and Hand Positions for TT: Take Your Pick

I often get asked about what the “best” elbow, forearm, and hand position is. Elbows close together or far apart? Hands high or low? Forearms straight behind hands or angled in? The answer: All of them, and none of them. There is no simple answer. It depends on race goal first – for IM you need to emphasize comfort. For a 30 min TT, aero is all that matters. And it seems that the most aero setup varies from rider to rider. Just look at this photo of 2nd place Garmin from the Giro TTT. Danielson (leading) has narrow elbows, high hands. Look at rider #3 (not sure who it is) WIDE elbows, forearms straight behind hands, low hands. Zabriske (leading in lower pic) has his elbows jammed together and hands neutral.