TTBikeFit is the world-renowned bike fit studio founded by Master Fitter Todd Kenyon. Todd has fit thousands of athletes from all corners of the globe, specializing in triathlon and TT positioning. Clients have included many elite athletes encompassing National and World Champions, Olympians, and Pro Tour winners. Todd is a Mechanical Engineer and PhD scientist, and has been competing in triathlons for 22 years. Together with his wife, 4-time Ironman World Champion and multi-course record holder Lisbeth Kenyon, they have created an unparalleled fit experience for triathletes. If you want a professional, unbiased opinion as to what bikes will fit you best, TTBikeFit is the place for you. We are NOT ‘certified’ by any fit methodology course – we CREATED our own, and designed and patented our own automated fit bike – the Vertex Fit Cycle.

Please see TTBikeFit’s website for more info, testimonials (we have stacks of them that we haven’t even had time to add to the website), videos, etc.

  • Alicia Kaye

    Alicia Kaye

    ITU Pro and multiple Olympic-distance Champion
  • Damiano Cunego

    Damiano Cunego

    Giro d’Italia winner and multiple Pro-Tour victories
  • Lesley Patterson

    Lesley Patterson

    Pro triathlete with multiple victories including X-Terra World Championships
  • Jarrod Shoemaker

    Jarrod Shoemaker

    Olympic Triathlete, ITU winner, Numerous National and World titles
  • Jake Shoemaker

    Jake Shoemaker

    Up and coming world-class Pro – 5th at U23 Du worlds

Fitting by Appointment Only. Please email for available times.

Services include:

  • Motion analysis bike fitting with SpinScan and rotating platform – tri ($295) or road ($270)
  • Pre-buy fitting on our automated fitbike ($175 – 125 refunded with bike purchase) – get a list of all bikes on the market that will fit you well
  • Custom bike design and building – we have extensive experience building and customizing high-end triathlon and road bikes.

The Amazing Vertex Fit Cycle

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