Need a multirider pass? Buy it here! You will receive an email confirmation once we receive your order – thanks! (Note that you DO NOT have to sign up for any sessions when you buy a pass – passes are good indefinitely). We can also take credit cards at the Lab – so you can pay when you show up with cash, check, or credit card.

Our system is changing this season. The 10-ride pass will actually get you 20 “punches”. Weekday rides require 2 punches, weekend rides 3 punches. NOTE THAT WEEKEND RIDES COUNT AS 1.5 RIDES.

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We apologize but the evil folks at GoDaddy killed our signup form – until we figure out what to do about our hosting situation we ask that you please email trifitlab “at” to sign up or cancel – just use signup or cancel as subject and list classes desired in message. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Week of March 28:

Tuesday 6pm-7pm   Rest Day
Thursday 9am-10:10am Intervals LisbethK, ToddK, GilM, JordanF, AbbeyC, NancyG, AllanB
Thursday 6pm-7pm  TomB, MannyP, RonanF
Saturday April 1  8am-10am  BuceD, GibC, JackieF, GilM, RonanF, MarcT, Pickles
Sunday April 2 26 8am-10am  ToddK, LisbethK, AndrewT, SeanF, SamB, LauraS, JordanF


Week of April 3:

Tuesday 4pm   
Thursday 9am-10:10am Intervals LisbethK, ToddK, BruceD, GibC, GilM, AndrewT, JordanF, ThijsK, AllanB, MysteryMan, GregH
Thursday night season has come to a happy ending
Saturday April 8  8am-10am  JohnE, GilM, SamB, SeanF, GibC
Sunday April 9 8am-10am  No Session Today! Happy Spring Break!


Multirider Rules and Tips:

  • Please do not sign up unless you plan on showing up! Don’t show up if you are sick!
  • Ideally show up 10-15 mins prior to session.
  • Parking on Water Street, in our side lot, further in at the Clam Shack spaces, or in the large Blount lot next door – please do NOT park in front of gray building behind the FitLab or in the spaces next to it (reserved).
  • If a session is full and you still sign up, you will be placed on reserve list in case someone cancels.
  • Please bring a towel, hydration, your bike, and an ANT+ cadence sensor and/or heart rate strap if you want to monitor cadence and/or heart rate (if you need one of these we have them available for purchase).
  • If you store your bike at the Lab, we will try to have it upstairs for you, or maybe even set up on a trainer.
  • Seriously consider a special trainer tire for your rear wheel (available at the Lab – NOT for road use!). They will last much longer and provide a very smooth ride and more accurate power readings. If you plan on riding the same bike indoors and out during the winter, you may want to consider a cheap rear wheel for trainer use.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are signed up for a FULL session, you MUST notify us by 8pm for morning sessions, 8am for midday, and noon for evening sessions – email or call 401-289-2850 – otherwise you will be charged for the session unless someone else shows up to take your spot. If you are sick or if session is not full, you will not be charged for the session. 

Other Class Times Available by Request – Email us!