Indoor Season Starts November 1!

We are back from Kona, Lis won again breaking all the masters course records, so it is time to think about cranking up the PAIN CAVE once again! So we plan to get the regular schedule going Monday Nov. 1.

We have been contacted by several groups about reserving sessions. If you have a group that would like to reserve a session, please email us as soon as possible as we are starting to put the schedule together. We are thinking of two sessions Saturday am, (the second one may be reserved already), one Sunday late am, then 6am, 10am, 5pm, and 6:30pm during the week (subject to demand). As always we can accommodate you during the day any time the facility is not reserved. If anyone would prefer us to run an open session at a different time, let us know. If your group reserves a session, you will be required to pay for all 8 slots, regardless of how many show up. The cost for this will be a $99/session. If you have rides left over from last year, they are good for this season. 10 and 20 ride passes will be available as always.

We are planning on running some indoor time trial races this year too – the first one potentially scheduled for Nov. 13. These are all-out races over approximately a 6 mile course with varying terrain. There will be 8-rider waves started on the hour every hour beginning at 8am. Prizes will be offered, and we hope to give a portion of the proceeds to charity. These events are a lot of fun, and they hurt a lot but only for about 16-20 mins!

We also plan to have some special coached programs, starting in early 2011. These will likely be 2x/week, coached workouts that will be part of a 12-16 week plan to build towards a race. Stay tuned!

We have some new videos and a new user interface with HD capability. We will also be offering inexpensive rear trainer wheels, and free bike storage.