Coach Al’s interval workout – Canada to Kona

Coach Al sent us a fun little workout that we did Sunday am. Six of us had a great time enduring the 8×3 minute intervals at 105% or more of FTP. The plot below is from the Ergvideo ride designer – note all the info about the workout, and the bar graph splitting the workout into time spent in each zone. The coach or athlete can easily change variables and precisely tailor the time spent in each zone. It is a very powerful coaching tool for sure.


This ride took place somewhere in Canada, and we had a TT champion pace setter to take us through the set. EnduranceIntervalsSampleWe then did a nice warm down by riding for 30 mins on the Kona IM course. All without ever leaving the Pain Cave! ! 1.5 hours of hard work on a bike trainer never went by so fast. Try that alone in your basement, or out on the frigid roads!