2019-2020 Season Opener – New Classes and Plans!

Winter came damnit. First indoor session Saturday 12/7 8am! Tentative class schedule: Tues/Thurs 6pm intervals 1hr+-, Tues/Thurs 9am intervals 1hr+-, Saturday and Sunday 8am Polarized Endurance 90-120mins (see below). The new payment plan: $350 for the season gets you a minimum of 2 interval sessions and 1 weekend session per week for the entire season. Buy a season pass and choose your 3 reserved classes. You can ride more than 3 times if space available. We will take walk-ins from non-pass holders for $15/interval session, $20/weekend session.

The name of the game is polarized training this season. No grey zone stuff – if you use a 3 zone system this means no zone 2. If you use a 5-6 zone system, no zone 3 or high zone 2. The Polarized Endurance weekend sessions will be 80-90% easy (~70% ftp or lower) along with 10-20% at or above ftp. These will be chunks of pain randomly interspersed within the regular endurance ride. What fun!

The interval sessions will be a progressive training plan starting in January for 10-12 weeks. Intervals prior to Jan will be just for fun/pain/maintenance/holiday fat burning.