2015/16 Pain Cave Season – New stuff

It is not quite time to open the Cave for PAIN duty yet – the weather is still passable. I would guess we will open sometime after Thanksgiving. But, there are some major changes coming:

  • New software/hardware means we will NO LONGER PROVIDE CADENCE SENSORS. If you care about your cadence, you need an Ant+ cadence sensor. The good news is most of you have these already- Garmin, Wahoo, etc. Or if you have a power meter that tracks cadence, that will work too. The good news is the system will automatically pick up your sensors wirelessly and store the IDs. So no more wires, velcro, magnets, etc. You can buy a cadence sensor from us for $37. Note that this will work with most cycling computers, apps, etc.
  • This also means that the system can pick up your power meters and heart rate monitors too, if they are Ant+. No more Polar only for heart rate. And if you have a power meter, the screen will display your power meter power, not the Computrainer power. We also can get you Wahoo Tickr heart rate straps for $55.
  • Fee schedule is changing. We have not raised rates since we opened in 2009. If you have an existing pass, it will be honored, BUT – weekend rides are 1.5 rides. The new pass fees will likely be $16 per weekday ride, $24 per weekend ride. To make this easier to track, the 10 ride pass will have 20 “punches”, $8 a punch. Weekday rides will use 2 punches, weekend rides 3 punches.
  • There looks to be a Tues-Thurs coached evening group (mainly Bikeworks team) like last year. If the Team does not fill the slots, it will be open to others. It will start after the New Year. This will be a fixed-price class (it will not use regular ride passes). Price tbd. We expect to run Wed evenings and Thurs 9am classes along with weekends. Early morning weekday sessions look to be a private group at this time.

Stay tuned for more soon.