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We have been competing for more than 20 years, and as Engineers have studied and experimented with bike fit from day one. We have created our own fit protocols, philosophy, and tools, including our patented automated fitbike. We pioneered online fitting.  We focus on aero – triathlon and time trial – bike fitting. We do road bike fits too, but aero is our heart and soul.  Thousands of happy clients and countless victories later, we still keep learning and honing our craft every day.

We stand behind and have pride in our work. It actually matters to us that our services help YOU have the best athletic experience possible. Looking for the right tri bike? We will find it for you. If you have a bike already we will make sure your fit is optimized. Either way, you will LOVE your bike. That is our money-back pledge. If something isn’t right, we will fix it or give you a full refund on any and all fitting charges. No bull. Please talk to any of our thousands of customers. Talk to the coaches who send us their athletes. We look forward to working with you.




Motion Analysis Bike Fitting

Aero and Road

Aero and Road

Visit us in out fit studio in Warren, RI for a comprehensive fit session. We use digital video motion analysis, Spin Scan, our proprietary automated Vertex Fit Cycle, and a rotating fit platform along with out decades of experience as competitors and fitters to ensure the best outcome for you.


Online Bike Fitting

Aero and Road

Aero and Road

Can’t visit us in person? Send us a video and we will use the same digital video motion analysis we use in-house to give you a great bike fit. We will send back a narrated video explaining what you need to change, and go back and forth until you are satisfied. 


Prebuy Fitting - In Person or Online

Aero and Road

Aero and Road

Planning to invest in a new bike? Don’t make an expensive mistake – make sure you get a bike that works best for YOUR fit. Visit us in RI and we will put you on the Vertex Fit Cycle, dial in your fit, and provide a list of specific bikes and sizes that will fit you well. No bias – you get a list of all appropriate bikes. Looking for a “Super Bike”? We have proprietary calculators that determine the exact configuration that works for your fit – no guesswork – build the bike right the first time.  And yes – we also can do this online via video, even if you don’t have a tri bike. 


Bike Sales and Custom Builds

Aero and Road

Aero and Road

While we are first and foremost fitters, we do sell and custom build bikes. Or we will customize your bike for the fit and performance you are looking for. Extensive experience with electronic shifting conversions and builds. 


PRO: Bike Fit Systems and Services

Our Own Designs

Our Own Designs

We have created our own patented, automated Vertex Fit Cycle and fit systems. Soon we will be making our designs available to shops, fitters, coaches and training centers. Want to get a bike fit certification? Well, we don’t believe you can become a fitter in two days. But look for comprehensive fitting apprenticeship programs coming soon. We are accepting indications of interest now. Note that applicants will need to be accepted into this program based on background and technical ability. 


PRO: Consulting Services

Product and Fit

If you are a firm that produces bicycle components or frames, and would like a fitter/engineer’s assistance with geometry and ergonomics, please




What Do Our Clients Say?

  • meganPSLice1

    Meg Pennington – Custom bike builds and fitting

    “I wanted to thank you for such an amazing build and fit you did with my Cannondale!! I truly had an absolute blast riding it at the Lake Placid Ironman – and I’m excited to tackle the distance again to apply what I learned. I would not have had such a successful first Ironman without your incredible talent getting such a good fit!!”

  • marceves

    Marc Eves – in-person Fit on Vertex Fit Cycle

    My fitting from last fall won the bike leg in my age group at Ironman Lake Placid, and placed 3rd in my age group to qualify for Kona! Thanks for the fit!
    See you in hawaii! – in-person Fit on Vertex Fit Cycle

  • patMcCrannIMTX

    Pat McCrann, Endurance Nation – Multiple in-person fits, custom bike build

    Can’t say enough good things about what you have done for my bike fit and overall performance. Hard to believe you can keep finding more speed for me…thanks!!! (2015 IMTX 5th overall amateur, 4:44 bike split) – Pat McCrann, Endurance Nation – Multiple in-person fits, custom bike build

  • ECole

    EC – In-person Fit

    I wanted to send you an email just to let you know how GREAT my “new” bike (fit) is! I rode over 100 miles on it last weekend, after the fit, and felt so strong and comfortable. I’m so shocked how effortless the power and speed are now (especially when I’m in aero). And, I’m actually climbing better too! I raced the Cedar Lake Triathlon (a local super sprint that takes place every other Thursday night through the Summer) and I actually PRd the bike course and felt fantastic coming off the bike and onto the run!
    You have a gift. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! – EC – In-person Fit

  • NeilWbike

    NW – Multiple in-person fits and custom Kestrels

    “Just wanted to say thanks for selling me another great bike!

    My new Kestrel worked great in St. Croix and I got another Kona spot, despite a very choppy swim, strong winds on the bike and heat on the run. For me, it’s still all about the bike”. – NW – Multiple in-person fits and custom Kestrels

The Vertex Fit Cycle by TTBikeFit – Available NOW (October 2017)

We developed and patented the Vertex Fit Cycle because we could not find a satisfactory fit platform on the market. Frankly, we cannot imagine fitting without this amazing machine. The Vertex is the ONLY fitbike that keeps the rider stationary and move the contact points around the rider. This allows us to easily change one fit variable while keeping other variable constant. Traditional fitbike designs cannot do this since the saddle and rider move. After working with our production prototype (shown in the lower 2 videos) for 2 years in our studio, we are finally ready to release the production version. We plan to sell initially very limited numbers of the Vertex to select fitters, coaches, and teams. Please see vertexfitsystems.com for more info or contact us if interested.


Our YouTube Channel has millions of views! Some Favorite Videos:

The first #IMKona 2017 Super Slo-Mo video: youtu.be/qvUtJU_IPrQ ... See MoreSee Less

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Quick #imkona recap: another war of attrition for most. True to form a week of moderate heat cloudy afternoons and showers turned into an inferno on Friday for the bike checkin and race day dawned crystal clear and even hotter. Watching the race on the Queen k it felt as if the pro field was missing by half and I guess it really was. No one looked good except for Lange and Ryf. It is amazing Sanders got 2nd as bad as he looked at mile 12.

It all started with fast swim conditions. Bike was fast early and maybe for the entire pro men's race but winds became crazy for the age groupers on the Waikoloa stretch coming home. No break from the heat and blazing sun.

Lis became overheated on the bike despite all efforts to maintain hydration and electrolytes. Although she ran well for the Ali'i stretch she was nearly fainting and dizzy from the heat. But the splits told us her competitors were having at least as much difficulty. So we felt if she could keep things together she would be unstoppable. if. We first saw her at mile 10 and our hearts sank as she was leaning right and semi coherent.

We next saw her at mike 12.5 and the lean was much worse. She had also lost coordination in her legs. We yelled at her to focus on hydration and electrolytes. Every few miles it got worse and by the time we saw her at mile 21 she was crossing into the median and unable to keep a straight line. We of course were very concerned and medical personnel were hovering around her. Somehow she kept her feet moving in what looked like a weaving zombie shuffle. We drove ahead and ran down palani to see her hopefully coming up the final hill. We spotted her near the bottom where she did a spin and nearly collapsed. Somehow she kept moving but now there wasn't much difference between walking and the zombie run except that the run was more dangerous due to many near collisions.

Down steep palani she stumbled still in the lead. We were yelling at her to walk as she was nearly crashing into spectators, traffic furniture, you name it. Onto Kuakini with less than a mile to go and there she was passed by the winner who had steadily soldiered on while Lis became slower and slower. We did not know if she would be able to physically cross the line even as she approached the chute. Somehow she did for 2nd place but was immediately stuffed into a wheelchair for a 90 min trip to the med tent.

After some iv and bags of ice she felt better and was released. Blood test showed no electrolyte deficit. The problems simply appeared to have been caused by a very elevated core temp. And on a day like that there is really no way to bring it down if you intend to keep moving. The lobby of the King K was littered with zombies. It seemed much worse than usual. Lots of burned empty hollow stares. It is really quite amazing that Lis finished at all in the state she was in for as long as she was. Had to be her hardest effort ever. A+ for toughness.

So you wanna race Kona?
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Congrats to Patrick Lange for making it look easy on a tough day. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bike p$rn gallery from #imkona - just a few bikes that caught my eye. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bike checkin ready for #10. Thanks Ventum for the support. ... See MoreSee Less

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